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In the above diagram, the monetary inputs from the Government of India, Government of Odisha and DFID are listed down in the first steps. These inputs would be provided under the Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme to be disbursed to the SC/ST students of IXth and Xth class. There is a separate head for Technical Cooperation fund which is provide to DFID and through it to the technical team for proper implementation of the program by setting up required processes and systems.

The second step focuses on the activities that need to be undertaken for the proper implementation such as:
  1. Coordination with SC/ST & Mass Education Department of GoO at State and sub-state level
  2. Brokering account opening process with Financial Institutions and district officials
  3. Working with GoI, State Finance & Treasury for DBT
  4. Capacity building of line departments and schools at all levels
  5. Designing an IT based platform for end-to-end CCT delivery and data management
  6. Co-ordination with SME to create a broad based accessible grievance  redress systems
  7. IEC/BCC with community to promote secondary  education through use of different media
  8. Promoting innovation through experimental pilots for improved access, leaning outcomes and financial literacy
  9. Building evidence through research independent impact evaluation

Once these activities are undertaken and successfully implemented, it will lead to short term, medium term and long term outcomes and would leave a larger impact on the society which is to provide access for learning and completion of secondary education for all the students. Apart from this, it also aims to improve gender parity, enrolment and attendance. With an aim to achieve this, a step by step process has been defined to analyze the outcomes that would be achieved with this intervention over a period of time through the Theory of Change diagram above.

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