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Debasmita Hansdah lived with her parents and siblings in Mayurbhanj District. Her family was very poor and worked as daily wage labourers to earn their livelihood. Her father, mother and elder brother worked for different contractors. Her elder sister was married and Debasmita was the only one going to school.

When Debasmita turned fifteen, her parents stopped her schooling and decided to get her married, as they believed that it was the right age for the girl to settle down with her husband. She was married to Loban Soren in Balasore district.

In Mayurbhanj when the baseline was being undertaken, Debasmita was identified as one who had recently shifted after marriage and dropped out of her school. Since she was identified as one who would be eligible under the scheme, the block coordinator approached her family for re-admitting her to school and let her continue with her studies.

The girl dropped out of school as she got married. The reasons behind her marriage were the age old traditions and social customs. Girls usually have no say in the matter and since it is very common in tribal society nobody raises an objection.

The block coordinator after getting all the details about Debasmita approached the district coordinator to devise a strategy to approach the girl’s family and bring her back to school. They first tried to approach the in-laws and educate them about the importance of girls’ education and the benefits of the scheme. The response of the in-laws was negative as they did not want their daughter-in-law to go out and study.

Since, the in-laws were very aggressive in their response, the block coordinator decided to talk to Debasmita’s husband, Loban Soren. Loban owned a grocery shop and was also a student of second year in college. The block coordinator along with the district coordinator talked to Loban and made him aware about the PMS scheme and the benefits under it.

Loban listened to the coordinators patiently but was not ready to send his wife back to school as he feared society’s response and moreover did not see any long term benefits. The block coordinator then with the help of the local health worker tried to make him understand how important it is for the girl to be educated for her health, her children’s health and her family. He was told how an educated woman will be able to take care of the family in a much better manner and would also be able to support him in difficult times.

Loban after two to three meetings agreed to send Debasmita to school. He then, with the help of block coordinator and school teacher convinced his parents. Since Loban’s parents could not say no to him, they also gave their consent.

Debasmita took admission in class X in Balasore district. Her husband supports her in her studies. She is very happy for the intervention and is really thankful to her husband who agreed to let her study.

She wants to study further and complete her schooling and is hopeful that Loban will support her in this decision. This step also helped in strengthening the bond between husband and wife as Loban supported her to realize her dream.
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