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Odisha is a state where majority of the population depends on agriculture to earn their livelihood. However, during the non-farming season they haveto look for other alternatives of income generation. The major non-farming economic pursuits for these families are, working as daily labourers, collecting forest wood or forest products, etc. They are often required to migrate to other states in search of work.

One such family resides in Khaprakhol block of Bolangir district. Rama Bariha is the head of the family, who lives with his old mother, wife and two children in a remote village where most of the inhabitants work as daily labourers.
Rama Bariha is the only earning member of the family and since it was difficult to get work on a daily basis in the village, he was forced to migrate with his family to the southern state of Andhra Pradesh every year in search of work. This affected the studies of his children and both, Jagdish and Sukanti, dropped out of school. The children used to migrate with their parents during the months of October to June in search of work and returned to stay in the village for 4-5 months.

Jagdish took admission in class IX in 2013 and applied for the ‘Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme’. He attended school for the first few months and then left school and migrated with his parents in the month of October. He returned in March 2014 and appeared for his exams and left once again.

Jagdish was promoted to class X but he never showed up in school and also did not apply for scholarship. The block coordinator, who visited the school where Jagdish was enrolled, identified from the attendance record that Jagdish was not attending school. Therefore, he along with the headmaster tried to track the student to urge him to attend school and also apply for renewal of his scholarship in class X. They were finally able to meet Jagdish and his parents in the month of June 2014.

The block coordinator informed Rama Bariha about the scholarship money that was transferred to the bank account of his son Jagdish in the past year. The father and son duo went to the bank to confirm and once they discovered that the money was there, both of them were very happy.

This motivated Rama to let Jagdish continue his studies. Rama also with the help of the scholarship money re-enrolled his daughter Sukanti in class VII.  Although Rama still had to go out of village to earn for his family, he left his children with their grandmother so that they don’t miss school. He is hopeful that both his children will be able to get a good job once they complete their education.
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