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The technical assistance is provided by a consortium led by IPE Global. The other consortium partners are IDF and Mastek. This consortium was chosen based on international tendering and following a rigorous selection procedure. The profile of all the consortium partners is presented in brief below:

IPE Global
IPE Global is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm set up in 1998. It offers a range of innovative and high quality services to international donors, governments and corporate across various development sectors and practices. It has worked with bilateral and multilateral agencies including World Bank, ADB, UNICEF, DFID, USAID, and JBIC amongst others.

IPE Global is providing technical assistance to Government of Odisha for the conditional cash transfer scheme. It is responsible for setting up a system for overseeing the transfer of scholarship directly to the beneficiaries account.
The core functions include identification of beneficiaries, advocacy, assistance in opening on bank accounts and transfer of scholarship. In addition to this, IPE team along with IDF team is working on the design and implementation of innovative pilots for providing safe transport for the girls as well development of learning hubs for overall development of a child.

For more information, please refer to: www.ipeglobal.com/

IDF is a privately funded, non-profit, non-partisan research foundation set up as a Trust in 2003. It aims to help policy makers transform emerging economies into market based societies. It works on generally the research aspect of the project and based on the analysis develops recommendations which then transforms into a blue print for implementation mechanism. 

As a consortium partner for implementation of ‘Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme’ IDF has been responsible for the baseline research in collaboration with IPE Global and a pilot study in Rayagada for the implementation of the project.

IDF is now involved in the pilot initiatives for providing safe transport and development of learning hubs under the program.

For more information, please refer to: www.idfresearch.org/

Management & Software Technology (Mastek) is a firm working on critical and complex business applications. It works to mitigate the risks of failure in the business applications and has attained domain expertise. Mastek offers world class enterprise grade products (IP), implementation services and specialized IT services.

Mastek being the IT specialist has developed innovative software technologies for keeping a track of large number of beneficiaries and cash transfer under the ‘Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme’.  It offers solutions to eliminate frauds, minimize leakages and enable easy management of the cash transferred to the large number of beneficiaries across 30 districts of Odisha.

For more information, please refer to: www.mastek.co.in/
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